Unless otherwise stated, Aria’s upholstery is designed for general domestic use only.

    Every piece of furniture, made of any fabric, requires constant care. Furniture should be regularly dusted and never allowed to get very dirty. If the dust isn't regularly removed, furniture can wear out faster. To keep furniture looking good, remember to smooth by hand, all folds and creases, wool fabrics need to be occasionally combed with a soft brush. Pillows should be shaken and plumped up frequently.

    In most cases, our sofas have cushions with removable covers that can be unzipped to replace the filler if you need to. Covers should never be machine washed or dry cleaned as this can damage the fire retardant treatments, fade colours and affect the finish of the fabrics. We advise you clean your furniture en-site and use only professional cleaners for upholstery fabrics. It is also recommended you test first, in a hidden area (the underside of a cushion is ideal) to avoid damaging its fabric.

    Martindale Test

    The Martindale test or Rub test, is a measure of the durability of a fabric. In this test, the fabric is rubbed in a figure eight, against a worsted fabric to stimulate wear and tear. The number of cycles that the fabric endures before it shows change in appearance is counted. Number of cycles (rubs) determines abrasion rating.