Design Icon: Alessi Plissé Kettle

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Design Icon: Alessi Plissé Kettle

Plissé Kettle

Bridging the gap between functional kitchen appliance and decorative object, the Plissé Kettle, designed in 2018 by Michele De Lucchi, has fast become one of Alessi’s most recognisable designs. Drawing inspiration from the worlds of fashion and architecture, the Plissé references a pleated fabric, with its three-dimensional folded surface. With a sculptural silhouette, the Plissé has established itself as a future design classic.

The design process for De Lucchi began with moulding the shape from a folded sheet of paper. Manufactured by Alessi, in thermoplastic resin, the finished object assumes an added dimension and depth with its pleated surface.   
Combining both aesthetics and functionality, the technical details have not been forgotten, with an automatic safety switch and heating element concealed within the Plissé’s base.


Michele De Lucchi
Having graduated in architecture, award-winning designer Michele De Lucchi went on to become a prominent figure in some of the most influential design movements, including Memphis and the post-radical avant-garde group, Studio Alchimia. His prolific career has traversed the worlds of industrial product design, lighting and architecture.


Caffa Travel Mug


The Caffa Travel Mug designed by Giulio Lacchetti for Alessi, combines a streamlined form with an ergonomic quality, perfectly equipped for the dynamics of modern life. The design was named after “Kaffa”, a province in south-western Ethiopia rich in tropical forests, where the temperate climate lends itself perfectly to coffee cultivation.

With a double-walled thermal exterior the Caffa travel cup is crafted from stainless steel and  designed to maintain your drink at the optimum temperature. Combining sustainability and style, you will be sure not to leave the house without it.




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