Aria meets: Lucy Gough

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Aria meets: Lucy Gough


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Interior stylist Lucy Gough has worked with some of the latest and greatest interior publications, from Living etc to Marie Clare to the Sunday Times, it’s fair to say she knows a thing or two about sprucing up a living space.

We recently caught up with Lucy and asked her to share with Aria customers her top tips and sofa suggestions for a variety of interiors: the contemporary, traditional and the studio flat.



What’s the first thing to remember about choosing the right design?

Traditionally sofas have been big, chunky investment pieces for your home and not much has changed. You really need to think about how you are going to use your sofa, where it will be situated and how long you plan on keeping it for, as your sofa will no doubt be in the heart of your room. All these factors will affect your decision and the price you want to pay.


If you’re looking for a modern look what would you suggest?

If you are looking for a sleek and modern aesthetic for your sofa, you can’t go wrong with shades of grey. Grey is notorious for working with just about any aesthetic- especially the contemporary look. There is a trend for sled legs at the moment as seen in the designs of the Aspen and Tokyo sofas – although as a feature they’re unusual, they refrain from taking attention away from the upholstery. The sleigh like form can also be seen in the design of the Lily sofa with it’s soft, gentle curving arms reminiscent of your favourite childhood sledge.



What about the traditional interior?

If you have a more traditional home but still want your sofa to ooze simplicity and sophistication then you need look no further than the Rasmus, Koriander and Marchwood. The Rasmus is a really dapper design and wouldn’t look our of place in a Georgian townhouse where as the Koriander has an air of elegance and sophistication to it and finally, the Marchwood which has – put the fire on, curl up on me and read a good book – written all over it.

And for those without the luxury of space…?

If you happen to live in a studio or small flat then I’d be willing to put money on the fact you need space for guests to stay. The Lukas and the Holi both offer a pull-out sofa bed with a mechanism that neatly and easily folds out and back again, meaning you don’t have to find room to store the cushions. It’s hard to find a good looking sofa bed but these tick all the boxes! The Holi‘s feet are cleverly hidden in the shadows underneath which gives it an illusion that it’s floating. If a sofa bed is not on your wish list then the Rucola is the ultimate small but perfectly formed sofa for your compact space with it’s modernist design and tapered legs.



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