Aria meets: Sarah Straussberg

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Aria meets: Sarah Straussberg


A lustre for life

Sarah Straussberg is an independent jeweller based in London and trained in Brighton. Each of her elegant pieces are created by hand in her London studio. We currently have a selection of her exquisite jewellery designs in our new Islington store, Aria One.Six.Eight


What first pushed you into designing jewellery?

I studied Materials at Brighton University, specialising in woods and metals. In my final year, I was making large-scale, laser-cut wooden sculptures, as well as small-scale sculptures from multiple components in silver. Those forms and shapes are still the core inspiration for everything I create today.



Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to get into the industry?

Be original. Create a style and identity that’s memorable and stick to it, even when you doubt yourself. Also, always remember to enjoy what you’re doing, particularly in the tougher times. It’s an amazing profession to work in.


How would you describe your design ethos? What’s the story/inspiration behind your collections?

I draw inspiration from natural patterns and textures, creating sculptural forms that are elegant and wearable. I like to create jewellery that women of all ages can feel confident in, whether it’s bold, geometric hoops or subtle, wire earrings.


What are you working on right now? Any new designs/collaborations you can hint at?

Right now I’m working on my first bangle designs, which I’m really excited about and hoping to launch this summer. I always keep a sketchbook on me, for some reason I always feel particularly inspired on long train journeys!


Do you have any favourite materials to work with? 

I love working in silver and 18ct gold. Silver is so soft and malleable, while gold is such an iconic, special material that deserves to be cherished. I also really enjoy discovering new materials and experimenting with them.



What do you look for in jewellery design? 

Having a distinctive aesthetic is so important in such a competitive space. But jewellery also needs to be comfortable and wearable, as ultimately it’s the way it makes us feel that determines our experience of a piece.



What was the last piece of jewellery you bought? 

Together with my (now) husband we commissioned my engagement ring from the very talented Maya Selway; a textured 18ct gold band with scattered white diamonds. It’s completely different to the style of my own work, and I absolutely adore it.


Do you have a most prized piece of jewellery? 

My Grandmother’s eternity ring that she left to me, it’s beautifully made and holds very special memories for me.



Finally, can you give us a brief ‘day in the life’ as a jewellery designer? 

I’m up at 7am and meditate for twenty minutes, then have a quick coffee before heading out on the morning dog walk in the woods nearby. I’ll eat breakfast and go into the studio before 9am, taking care of any orders, answering emails and contacting suppliers. After lunch I’ll be back working at my bench, either making my way through orders or experimenting with new designs/materials.

You can view our selection of Sarah Straussberg jewellery online and in our Islington store: Aria One.Six.Eight

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