Mondaine | Essence Watch Collection

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Mondaine | Essence Watch Collection

Iconic design meets sustainability

Mondaine have reinvented their classic Swiss Railway Watch in the new unisex Essence Black 32mm, made from sustainable materials.  With a timeless, monochrome design in black and white, Essence features graphic lines and quartz movement technology.
The red second hand was inspired by the bright red paddle used by the railway conductor to announce the train’s departure. Essence features a case made from eco-friendly and renewable materials including Rizinus, a new innovation in watch design, using castor oil for the first time in production.





The wrist strap is made from additive-free natural rubber, which is highly durable and designed to stand the test of time. A vegan-friendly alternative to leather, natural rubber has increased flexibility and feels supremely comfortable to wear. 
When it comes to the packaging, sustainability reigns supreme, as Mondaine have designed a multi-purpose pouch made from recycled plastic bottles. Designed to store the watch safely when not in use, the fabric pouch completes the Essence Watch, making the perfect gift for an eco-conscious design fan.


About Mondaine



33 years ago Mondaine launched the Official Swiss Railways Watch collection, licensed by the Federal Swiss Railways. The iconic design became one of the most recognizable timepieces of the 20th century, inspired by the bold graphic design and precision technology of railway clocks installed throughout the stations of Switzerland. Mondaine have continued to build on their classic collection with versatile and unisex timepieces produced using the latest technology.



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