Editors choice: Does coloured glassware have healing properties?

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Editors choice: Does coloured glassware have healing properties?


The power of colour

Colour can have a profound affect on the way we feel and impact our everyday lives without us realising. The human brain interprets colour by processing the frequency of light and electromagnetic wavelengths that objects reflect.

With this in mind, we have taken a look at how the use of applying colour therapy principles, a centuries-old practice which explores the use of colour to stimulate well being, can be applied when accessorising any space in your home, from coloured glassware to textiles.

1. Try Green Glassware

If you need to create a calm and orderly space.

Green is known as the colour of nature bringing harmony and balance to personal energy. This colour can work well in rooms that are prone to becoming chaotic, a dining space or in a bedroom where you want to dedicate time to yourself.
2. Try Blue Glassware

If you want to increase productivity.

Blue is known as a colour to help increase productivity and tranquillity. This colour works well in rooms where you want to storm through your to-do list. Try using blue vases in a variety of hues to dress your desk space, blue accents with coloured office chairs, storage or desk lamps.
3. Try Red Accessories

If you want to add energy to your space.

The colour red represents energy and excitement and works well when used in areas where an extra lift in energy is needed. This colour works well in spaces like the bathroom, kitchen and living room space using red accents like candle holders, accessories and textiles.
4. Try Orange Accessories

If you want to boost ambition.

Get ideas flowing with injections of this vibrant colour. Try surrounding yourself with cushions, seating and or lighting finished in this dynamic colour to add a real boost to your mood and you may quickly be on your way to achieving great things.
5. Try Yellow

If you want to increase happiness.

Associated with the mind and nervous system this cheerful colour is used to increase optimism and intensity. Just like a ray of sunshine adding yellow to your kitchen, bedroom or living space will help set you up on a positive note for the day ahead. Add yellow home accessories or add a splash of yellow to your outfit.

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