Editors choice: Podcast or playlist, which one are you?

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Editors choice: Podcast or playlist, which one are you?


A is for Audio

Our way of receiving information is ever evolving. If you listen to the millennials they’ll be well informed about the latest tunes to download on iTunes, but for generation Z, iTunes is the thing of the past and only talk streaming or podcasts. Whichever way you decide to receive information one thing is certain, listening on the go is taking over.

Whether moving from one room to another, travelling on the daily commute or flying overseas, we have high expectations when it comes to our audio. Use of wireless technology is at an all-time high with so many choices available; indoor, outdoor, speakers, headphones, sound systems, digital DAB it can all become slightly overwhelming. We’ve put together a curated selection of the best devices from headphones to stereo systems to keep your favourite tunes, podcasts and everything in between sounding the best it can sound.


1. Chasing the base

One speaker not giving you the base you desire? Take things up a notch with the MR1 Bluetooth speakers by Ruark. Within a matter of minutes two aFUNK speakers can be connected, pumping out double the sound, double the base and delivering double the happiness.




2. Tick Tock

Keep things working like clockwork with multi-functional technology whenever you need it. The Lexon Titanium Clock Radio has integrated LED display and auto dimmer for when it’s time to nod off.



3. For your ears only

Gone are the days when you’d unravel a headphone cord by which time you’re halfway to your destination. Whether travelling or exercising, keep tunes sounding sweet no matter the time of day with the bGEM headphones. Fuss-free living is what we’re all about.



4. Ain't no mountain high enough

With a playback time of up to 24 hours this compact gem will provide premium quality sounds wherever you go. Get outdoors and start dancing.


5. Who's calling me?

Constantly keep your phone on low battery mode? Fear not, listen to hours of music and still make that important phone call, answer emails and post on your favourite social platform, thanks to the battery boosting Fine Power Bank by Lexon.


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