How to: Housewarming Gift Ideas

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How to: Housewarming Gift Ideas

The tradition of housewarming originates from the notion of literally ‘warming’ your new home; before the days of central heating, guests would present firewood as gifts and ceremoniously light fires in all available fireplaces. This act was believed not only to heat the house, but inspire warmth and friendship that would ward off evil spirits. While now we’d hope the heating would be on before they invite us over, the ritual of offering housewarming gifts when a loved one relocates is still going strong. We’ve lined up the best housewarming gift ideas, from unique one-off items to classic treasures, so you can rest easy and enjoy the party.

Something they Need (and Want)

Moving to a new house is an exciting but stressful experience. There are a million things to do, remember and (probably) renovate, not to mention accommodating all your friends who are desperate to see your new home. Make your hosts’ lives easier by providing them with something they really need. Moving house is often a perfect time to streamline your possessions; a practical present is sure to make the cut and be the gift that keeps on giving.

Salad Server Set, Brass £29.95

These salad servers are not only useful but make a thoughtful and personal gift: they are presented in a box that includes a delightful salad recipe, so they can serve up a storm immediately.

Plissé Kettle by Alessi, £79.00 
How many times will your hosts offer to put the kettle on in their new home? Make sure they look forward to it with this beautiful kettle from Alessi, which is not only a kitchen essential but a work of art.

Something Unique

In the spirit of housewarming tradition, your hosts are probably set to receive an array of gifts from their friends and family. If you want to make sure yours doesn’t end up gathering dust at the back of a cupboard, it might be worth thinking outside the box. A unique present is bound to match its unique recipient; it is an ideal way to give a personal gift that will be both special and tell a story.


Add some spice to their lives with these unorthodox salt and pepper shakers. Presented in a printed gift box, these make an ideal gift for someone with a sense of humour.


 White Bird Lamp, Waiting by Seletti, £115.00
This quirky and affectionate lamp adds intrigue to any setting and makes a great talking point. Perfect for any animal lover, browse the rest of the collection here.


Sentimental Value

We are creatures of habit: moving house is an enormous change that can leave us feeling nostalgic and emotional. Giving a sentimental gift can help your loved ones make their new house a home by building a narrative. Adding sentimental value to their new space is an important step to feeling truly at home there. Giving them something they know they will treasure forever will be an invaluable source of comfort during a time of change. 

Welcome Soap, £37.50 (in-store exclusive)
Tell them a story with this soap from Tamanohada, one of the oldest soap companies in Japan. Wish them luck in their new home with this take on the traditional Japanese symbol for good luck: Tai (sea bream) is commonly considered to be a lucky fish because the word medetai (happy) ends in tai.


Alvar Aalto Vase by Iittala, £131.00
Give them something they’ll treasure for years to come. This iconic collection by designer Alvar Aalto in inspired by the waves in water and each piece is delicately mouth-blown.  

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