How to: 4 simple hacks to instantly update your fabric sofa

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How to: 4 simple hacks to instantly update your fabric sofa


The Fabric Sofa

The sofa is one of the most frequently used furniture items in our homes and according to Elle Decoration we should be replacing our sofa every 7-15 years. It creates a focal point in the living room, but can often take up the most room and with this, comes big responsibility. If you’re not so keen on the colour or style of the sofa you chose a decade ago, these quick and easy tips can help give your fabric sofa a brand-new look at the fraction of the price of a new one.




1. Cover it up

Decorate your sofa with patterned cushions to add colour and interest to your existing sofa which can quickly help give your sofa an instant makeover. A neutral coloured sofa shines when dressed in rich and vibrant cushion covers, the bolder the print, the more the eye is drawn to it and taken away from the sofa. Using a variety of throws of different textures will add more interest as well as providing warmth and comfort.

2. Squeaky clean

Although a new sofa is an investment, it is a considered purchase and one that you may not be quite ready for yet. In the meantime, you could consider giving the fabric on your current sofa a deep clean. There are a wide variety of options from professional sofa cleaning to DIY cleaning methods either way your sofa will be looking fresh and feeling new in no time.

3. Think outside the sofa

Take the focus off the sofa and instead direct the attention to a striking rug, unusual shelving, a floor lamp, framed artwork or plants. This budget-friendly trick can make a considerable difference to the look of not only your sofa but also the entire room.

4. Change the feet

Instead of replacing your entire sofa, why not try changing the feet instead. You could vary the height and style of the feet and replace wood with metal or vice versa.

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Cover Image: Ploum Sofa, Vintage Kilim Rug
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Photography, Oliver Perrott
Styling, Hannah Franklin
Apartment, Aria

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