How to: Choose the right light bulb

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How to: Choose the right light bulb


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We’ve noticed that understanding what bulb you need for your light is not an easy task. Even we get confused and need some training once in a while. So we thought we’d share a bit of our knowledge to make your life easier. After all, the most annoying thing is coming home with your new designer lighting with a bulb that doesn’t fit. Without getting too technical, here’s our super-simple guide to light bulb buying:



Check the fitting

A bit obvious but it can be really easy to mess this up.

There are hundreds of bulb fittings but it’s more than likely you will only use a couple. They vary depending on the type of base or purpose. Here are the most common fittings in the UK:



Note this number down before going out to buy, not only will you get the right fitting but you’ll more than likely get the right voltage too.


Warm or cool light?

Light temperature is often measure in Kelvin’s (K).

Very warm ‘orangey’ lighting will have a low number of Kelvins, for example a flame is around 1500 K. Cooler lighting such as daylight is much higher, around 5000K


How much light do you want?

Light output is measured in Lumens (lm).

Knowing the right Lumens means you will get the brightness you want.

Energy saving Ledare bulbs are now measured in lumens rather than the traditional power consumption metric (Watts)

Our chart below shows how many Lumens you’ll need to achieve the same brightness for the Wattage required




Think about the type of atmosphere you’re trying to create and pick the features to suit.

Most bulbs are dimmable, but not all, so it’s worth double checking this

Bulbs with wider beams will give more general light, great for full room lighting, while bulbs with narrow beams will give more directed light, more suitable for reading or desk lights.

Check the lifespan of the bulb too. If it’s a light you’ll use a lot, then invest in one with a long lifespan. For example, £40 for a 60w LED bulb may seem expensive but has an average lifespan of 50,000 hours – that’s 8 years of light.

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