How to: Create an indoor garden

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How to: Create an indoor garden


Small Space Living

City life comes with many benefits but with small space living at an all-time high city-goers are often using rooms as an office, bedroom and living room as one multi-purpose space. If you live with little or no outdoor space, a home with no garden does not have to mean no greenery. Not only do indoor plants add vibrancy and energy to your home, but they also provide amazing health and well-being benefits including improving breathing by reducing carbon dioxide levels and purifying the air by removing toxins. Refresh your space with these five tips and in no time you’ll have your very own indoor urban garden.



1. Short on time? Choose the air plant

The Terrarium not only looks great with it’s perfectly placed leaves and compact frame, it is also extremely low maintenance. It lives mainly on air and needs watering only a few times per year, so forgetting to water your greenery will become a distant memory, ideal for the not so green fingered.


2. Group plants together to create a mini indoor forest escape

Create your very own lush landscape without all of the maintenance that comes with it. Grouping plants together can create a statement without all of the commitment of paint and permanent fixtures. You can style the plants grouped together in clusters, but easily move or separate them as and when you want a change.


3. Inject colour into your home by dressing your plant collection using brightly coloured vases

Show off your greenery in its best light with a collection of bright coloured vases which will add personality to your plant collection. Go bold and bright by clashing colours or minimal and simplistic with pastel hues for a subtler injection of colour.


4. Small budget for plants? Use mirrors

Mirrors not only work wonders with opening up a small space, they can also double the look of your plant collection. Style a large floor mirror behind or next to your plant collection to instantly double the wow factor.


5. Embracing a conscientious lifestyle

We are all thinking more about what we use, how we use it and the impact it has on our environment and that doesn’t stop at your plant collections. Using terrariums over traditional bouquets of flowers reduces waste and helps the environment long-term.

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