How to: Get the right cushion balance in your home

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How to: Get the right cushion balance in your home

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We all know which cushions we like, but knowing how to choose the correct ones for your home interior and how to arrange them is a bit more difficult. A question we often get asked by our clients and customers is how many is too many? Though arranging cushions is more of an art than a science, here are a few tried and tested ideas to help you get the right balance with your cushions.

Reign it in

The first sign you have too many cushions is usually that you can’t sit or lie down without having to remove pillows first. This defeats the object and will appear more cluttered than cosy. However, there is also something unfinished looking about having too few, so you need to find a balance.

Think about the size of your sofa. We often advise three-seaters can take up to five cushions, two-seaters up to four, and one-seaters only one.


Form follows function

If you find your guests are standing or they’re sitting so far on the edge they may as well be on the floor, then it’s probably because they’re afraid to ruin your perfect cushion arrangement. Playing with sizes and shapes will draw the right attention to your sofa and be more inviting to people to sit on.

Avoid pillow hoarding

Try to make sure the only place you have pillows in your house is on your sofa or bed; not in chests, cupboards or anywhere else you can hide them. At least you’ve made the first step in realising that you have too many cushions out on your sofa. We always advise our clients to replace their cushions once in a while, it may seem small but it can really make an impact on the room, and your sofa will probably thank you for it too.


Three is the magic number

If you’re still in doubt over how many cushions to use on your sofa or bed, then go for three. There is something about this number that works especially in design, it’s like a ‘magic design number’ and creates a nice balanced appearance. Try placing two of the same style cushions on either side and one different style in the middle to create an evenly balanced layout.


One last bit…

All that said, let’s not forget the wisdom of 1930’s design icon, Dorothy Draper “If it looks right, it is right.” Which is pretty solid advice in any books.

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