How to: Top tips & tricks for entertaining at home

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How to: Top tips & tricks for entertaining at home


Happy hour at home

Entertaining at home can be seriously thirsty work, with a menu to create, ingredients to buy and a space to decorate, the list can feel never ending. The goal is to keep guests feeling relaxed and comfortable, whilst making a lasting impression.


1. The finer details

Investing in good quality kitchen accessories, tableware and bar accessories will set you up in good stead for any unforeseen challenges that may come your way (burnt chicken, ice-cream melting, wrong type of potato, we’ve all been there). A perfectly put together at home bar, stocked with beautiful glassware, exquisite decanters and one of a kind corkscrews will give the impression that you have everything in order (even if you don’t) and will help create a focal point in the room, providing guests with an area to enjoy one another’s company.

2. Keep it simple

The size of your space shouldn’t dictate whether you can host a party. Create a mini bar in the corner of a room, using a small side table or even console table. Use it to display your bar accessories and best glassware along with tasty bar snacks and you’re sure to get extra brownie points.

3. Happy Hour

Not feeling so confident to whip up a Bloody Mary or Jalapeño Margarita? Turn the heat down and encourage guests to get involved in the drinks making process. This will not only help keep guests entertained, it will also give you some breathing time to relax and enjoy a drink too; it’s happy hour remember!

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