Lighting: A Room by Room Guide

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Lighting: A Room by Room Guide

Whether you’re deciding between cool light vs warm light, or looking to create a feature with lighting, our room-by-room guide includes all of the essentials to help you set the perfect ambience.


Kitchen & Dining:


Cool light temperatures and spotlights are perfect for task-based areas like kitchen worktops, where preparing the mis en place requires special attention to detail. Pendant lights with integrated dimmers will allow the temperature to be easily warmed up for dining. Explore design for dining rooms.




Adjustable bedside lamps and portable lights with different settings are ideal for bedrooms, allowing you to move from an early-morning gentle light to brighter illumination throughout the day, reflecting the body’s natural rhythm and helping you catch a healthier number of z's. Shop Table Lamps.


Living room:

Naturally layering light effectively brightens a living space and helps the transition from the day into evening. Combining brighter ceiling lights, with floor-based reading lamps and warm low-level table lamps is the key to illuminating your space with maximum versatility. Shop Floor Lamps.




Whether it be a set of wall lights or a ceiling light, flexibility is key to bathroom illumination. A space to prepare yourself for the day ahead or unwind after a long day, the ideal ambience should have a calming tone. Shop Bathroom Lighting.


Hallway & Entrance:

Strategically-placed wall lights are perfect for creating contrast and mood within transitional spaces, such as a hallway. Illuminating an entrance or staircase serves both a practical function whilst highlighting the beauty of the architectural details. Explore design inspiration for hallways.


Home Office:


Shine a light on your new project with our collection of multi-task desk lamps, in all shapes and sizes. From the retro-inspired Bellhop Portable Lamp, to the directional Anglepoise in multi-colour by Paul Smith, our curated range of lighting solutions is sure to add a little joy to any workspace. Shop Desk Lamps.





Garden & Outdoors:


Make the most of autumnal evenings by emitting a warm glow in your outside space. Whether you’re hosting a cosy roast dinner or a full-on party this season, our collection of portable outdoor lighting is sure to set the tone for alfresco living all year around. Shop outdoor lighting.




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