Make a Bauhaus a Home

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Make a Bauhaus a Home

This year marks a century since the iconic Bauhaus school opened its doors in the eastern city of Weimar. Founded in 1919 by German architect Walter Gropius, the school was dedicated to uniting different art forms and emphasised functionalism. Literally translating as 'building house', the school was founded on the concept of creating a 'total' work of art in which all forms, including architecture, would be combined. Attracting Europe's most experimental creatives, influential artists including Paul Klee and Kandinsky offered expert instruction. 

Bauhaus existed as an educational institution in the three cities of Weimar (1919 to 1925), Dessau (1925 to 1932), and Berlin (1932 to 1933) before being shut down due to mounting pressure from the Nazis. These changes of venue and leadership inaugurated a varied and dynamic climate, prompting a constant shift of focus, technique, instructors, and politics. Despite eventually facing permanent closure, the ethos, influence and aesthetic of Bauhaus, widely disseminated by its staff and pupils, continued to resonate and proliferate. Eventually, the Bauhaus morphed into its very own modern art movement. Today the movement is renowned for its unique approach to design and architecture and its innovative combination of different art forms. Its legacy lives on in our contemporary approach to design, art and construction, profoundly influencing modernist architecture and art, design and architectural education. Explore our Bauhaus Collection to make your Bauhaus a home...


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