10 Years of Oiva Tableware

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10 Years of Oiva Tableware

Golden Years
Marimekko welcomes 2019 by celebrating the 10th anniversary of its iconic Oiva tableware. In 2009, designer Sami Ruotsalainen was briefed to create a tableware range that would last for years to come. We join Marimekko in raising a toast ten years later to mark this success. Designer Maija Louekari developed the first prints for the Oiva range, producing patterns that complemented the shape of the tableware, in order for design and form to work in harmony. To mark the anniversary, Marimekko has embellished selected Oiva pieces with hints of gold, the colour of celebration, and produced beautiful new ranges in the spirit of festivity. The collection launches in the new year but continues throughout the year, so we can keep on celebrating.
“A functional yet playful tableware range that challenged the conventions of table setting. It encouraged its users to mix and match, combine different shapes freely and come together for years to come."


Go for Gold


Designers Maija Louekari and Sami Ruotsalainen chose to mark the occasion by releasing a special edition of Oiva tableware embellished with hand-painted gold details.



Oiva Anniversary Mug 2dl, £16.00
Oiva Anniversary Plate 20cm, £26.00

Grand Designs

In the spirit of festivity, Marimekko is releasing new items in the Oiva collection that can be found at Aria. Their bold prints and floral, monochromatic styles are striking and unique, adding flair to any table setting for years to come.

Original Oiva artist Maija Loukari was inspired to create a bold new design to celebrate the anniversary. The Eläköön Elämä (Long Live Life) collection depicts vibrant floral patterns that are bursting with joy, marking the occasion perfectly.



Oiva / Eläköön Elämä Plate 20cm, £20.00
Eläköön Elämä Apron, £39.00


Founded in the 1960s, Marimekko remains as true today to its founding principle as it did then: inspiring joy with its vibrant palettes, unique prints and by sharing its spirit of celebration. Here’s to many more years together! 

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