Meet The Team: Spyros | VM & Sales Advisor

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Meet The Team: Spyros | VM & Sales Advisor

Illustration by our in-house artist Oliver Taylor.  

We caught up with our Visual Merchandiser and Sales Advisor, Spyros Giannakos to discover a day in the life of a visual merchandiser and which are his most coveted designs at Aria.


Which part of your job do you enjoy the most?

Of course the visual set up in the store because every time I’m trying to create a small story with my visuals and a beautiful cosy environment. Also, as sales advisor, I like to ask and suggest to the clients what’s really wanted and needed, always looking at the design aspect. 

Room Set designed by Spyros

If you were washed up on a desert island and one design product from Aria was washed up with you, what would you hope it would be?

Of course a Prado Sofa by Ligne Roset because of its unique design, it can be a sofa in the morning, a bed in the evening and extra protection for wild tropical storms. It is elegant but has a strong visual element.

Which design product has seen you through the past year?


I bought the Circum Mirror a few months ago, which is on the wall in my living room. Immediately the mirror made the space feel bigger and brighter. Because I’m working from home as Interior Designer and 3D Visualiser, I see this mirror every day and I love it.


Photo: Spyros' Living Room   

Which three words would you use to describe Aria?


Playful, unique, design.

Which is your favourite spot for a lunch break or after-work drinks in Islington and around Upper Street?


In the good (pre-lockdown) times I used to go to Gallipoli Restaurant for dinner with my partner.


How have you been passing the extra free time during lockdown?


In my VR world, using my Oculus Quest handset (during the cold winter) and on my bike (during hot ‘summer’).


Photo: Gallipoli Restaurant  



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