Spotlight On: Michael Anastassiades

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Spotlight On: Michael Anastassiades

Born in Cyprus in 1967, Michael Anastassiades moved to London to study civil engineering, later moving on to industrial design at the Royal College of Art. Having founded his studio in 1994, Anastassiades creates contemporary installations that cross the boundaries between sculpture and lighting.

His work is featured in permanent collections at the Museum Of Modern Art in New York and the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.


Coordinates, Argent


Originally designed for the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York, Coordinates is a sculptural lighting system, comprised of a series of interlocking LED linear elements. Now available in a new argent finish, Coordinates brings the Cartesian grid to life with mathematical precision, illuminating and expanding in three dimensions.


The modular nature of Coordinates, allows for customised installation either as a small collection of elements or scaled-up to create an architectural lighting feature in a contemporary entrance hallway or dining area. The Suspension collection offers a series of configurations, suspended from individual ceiling mounts, appearing to float in mid-air with a visually lightweight aesthetic. 



String Lights


Designed to be installed at various different points around the interior space, String Lights resemble a network of telegraph wires, with the slender cord drawing graphic lines in mid-air. This contemporary suspension lighting system succeeds in being both visually light and bold at the same time, with a series of geometric lines and pendants.





Arrangements is a modular system of elements that can be combined in different ways, creating multiple configurations of chandeliers.

Strikingly beautiful, this sculptural lighting system with integrated LED light source, consists of a variety of geometric elements which can be connected together in multiple combinations. Crafted from lightweight aluminium with a matte black finish, this alluring light is perfect for creating a statement in an entrance hallway, dining room or living space, taking centre stage in any environment. 


 IC Light Collection


The initial idea for the IC collection was inspired when Anastassiades watched a video clip of a contact juggler spinning spheres and moving them around his body, finally balancing them on the tips of his fingers. Mesmerised by this movement and concept of balance, Anastassiades wondered how it could translate into a design object and so began the development of the IC Collection.



“One should allow a level of improvisation, even when creating industrial products. As designers, we can only bring suggestions and engage in that way with our audience. But any attempt to tame the complexity of the world is just impossible.”

“As a designer I always tend to think about the next project, to look forward.
It's nice to see that everything ultimately makes sense when I retrace my work
since I founded my brand twelve years ago.”


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